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Date: 9th August 2016
Wifi Reversing Camera Car Accident Camera Video Recorder DVR Security System
Wifi Reversing Camera Car Accident Camera Video Recorder DVR Security System?Notice please: our car dvr for audi is specific kind, please tell us your car model before placing order, so we can arrange shipment soon with exact model.Why Choose Us?1. Aluminium alloy inner shellstrong shielding in case of signal interference, so will not have a mutual interference beteween car dvr and mobile phone.While others just use ABS, with low cost.2. OBD-II for power supply3 ways power supply comparision:fuse Cheapest: difficult to install, hard to get power for some cars. Bad reliabilityOBD-II: Cost $10 more than fuse, no wire destroy, easy installDome light special cable: High cost, most reasonable3. Support mobile phone download video and picture in wifi environment, more easy to get evidence.4. Original car seamless installation, more elegant.5. For BMW car dvr, it is car camera and window closer 2 in 1.6. Full range of car brands are covered7. Random combination for different car dvr configuration, to meet all customers.8. True 1080P , NO 720P difference , so will not have even 1 second leakage when recording.Specification:1.Name:Car DVR Car Dedicated driving recorder2.Origin: China mainland3.Shooting angle: 170 ? degree4.Type: One Camera with Single-lens5.Appearance: Mini hidden type6.Function:Night vision strengthen7.Resolution: 1080P8.Memory Capacity: Standard configuration 8G (optional 16G, 32G)Camera Specifications:Lens technology parameters introduced1.Sensor size: 12.80mm X 11.60mm2.Wavelength: 400-700nm (COLOR)3.Focal length: f = 2.84.F/NO: F /NO=2.85.After the focal length: BFL = 5.966.Flange length: FB = 4.157.visual angle (Diagonal Perspective) :170 ?8.Visual field (horizontal angle): 120 ?9.Thread Size: M12 X P0.510.ELEMENT: 6 ELEMENT + IR11.Infrared filter specification: T50% = 650 ? 15nmCPU Main technical parameters introduce:1, high-performance 32-bit processor, clocked at up to work 432MHz, integrated high-performance DSP.2, embedded power management module, low power consumption.3, the maximum expandable 2GB DDR2 / DDR3 memory.4, support for high-definition video input, maximum support 1080P.5, high-performance image processing engine, support WDR technology, amblyopia class.6, support for LCD / TV display output7, support HDMI V1.3a Interface8, H.264 / AVC encodingSupport 1080p30,720p60,480p120,Support MP4, AVI, MOV video format.9, support the audio decoder?10, support JPEG11,support the memory controller SD3.0, support maximum 32G memory card.12, supports wireless Wi-Fi interface.part numbercar modelyearoptional partsintelligent moduledome light special linealuminium alloy shellobdii connector for power supplyLY-BM1-111BMW E87 E60 E90 E65 E89 E90 (low specification)2006-2009yes,except E65yesyesnoBMW E84 E70 E71(low specification)2009-20142009-2014yesyesyesnoLY-BM2-311BMW E65(high specification)2006-20092006-2009noyesyesnoBMW E70 E71(high specification)2009-20142009-2014yesyesyesnoLY-BM3-111F18 F10(low specification)2010-20152010-2015yesyesyesnoF21 F30 F35 F15nonoyesyesLY-BM4-211F18 F07 F25 (middle specification) 2010-20152010-2015yesyesyesnoM3 M5 (middle specification)2010-20152010-2015yesyesyesnoLY-BM5-311F02 F01 F07 F18(high specification) 2010-20152010-2015yesyesyesnoF15(high specification)2015-2015-nonoyesyesF35nonoyesyesLY-BM6-611750 760 F02 (top specification)?2011-2015yesyesyesnoLY-BM7-111MINI 2-door CLUSMAN SUV2010-2015yesyesyesnoLY-BM8-111BMW E65 E46 E39 E53 (low specification)2004-20062004-2006nonoyesyesMINI suv(low specification)nonoyesyesLY-BM9-111MINI 5 door car2015-nonoyesyesLY-BM10-111MINI 3 door car2015-nonoyesyes?Detailed ImagesFunctions.(2 kinds configuration: one with car dvr video recording and window closing function, the other kind with video recording, window closing and down, car seeking, collision alarming functions)1. startup and shutdownwhen vehicle start up, the car dvr will be started and begin video automatically. When vehicle shutdown, the car dvr will keep video for 1 minute and then closed. It can be started or closed via power button.2. Silent VideoSilent video is default, you can turn on video and audio recording via mobile phone app.3. Motion DetectionCar dvr start video recording when the front scenery changes, and stop video when scenery static for more than 15S, until it changes again.4. Collision Video Recording(G-Sensor)When car dvr is making video and G-sensor is triggered, the current file will be locked for protection5. Manual Emergency Video RecordingPress emergency video recording button, the car dvr begins to make emergency video, and the current file is protected.6. WDR SettingWDR can make video very clear by fill-in light, even in dark environment.1. 7 Night vision1. 8 Loop Recording?How To InstallInstallation steps:1. Front bezel of Front Car reversing mirror. Sample picture show2. Disconnect the vehicle battery negative. Tight butt plug When installing?3.Dismounting manual1 take off the car roof light cover module (as shown in Figure 1) to take the lamp shade2 you can see that there are 2 steel plate card slot from the lampshade.3 The first method:make the 2 cards go up at the same time from the bottom to the top?The second methods:hook them out gently using professional hook4 card slot is tight (need special tools for disassembly)?5 remove rain sensor shell.6 installation car DVR, test, mount back every part as original car.take off the car roof light cover module to take the lamp shadeyou can see that there are 2 steel plate card slot from the lampshade.3 The first method:make the 2 cards go up at the same time from the bottom to the top?remove rain sensor shell.App IntroductionHow to use appXiaoxiao Pai App is the app for our car dvr. By installing this app in your mobile phone, you can control all functions on it.1.Set your phone to connect car dvr WIFI: default name: HY_DVR, default password:123456782.Open app, there are 3 main interface options: car dvr list interface, multi-media interface, setting interface3.MediaDevice picture:the pictures in the car dvr SD card can be downloaded to mobile phone. It can be deleted by left slide.Device video:the video in the car dvr SD card can be downloaded to mobile phone. It can be deleted by left slidePictures in mobile phone: pictures download from car dvr can be opened or deleted?Videos in mobile phones:video download from car dvr can be opened , deleted or shared?( choose one file and long press it)4.SettingFormat SD card: format the device sd card, all files will be deleted. APP languages setting: including 11 kinds of languages. User operating guide:Notice please: When go to device images or video, the car dvr will stop taking pictures or videos. The video making must be turned on, if not, please go to video browse interface and turn on it.?Packing & Delivery:Full package of bmw car dvr host2.intelligent module for window closing(optional)3.obd module for power supply and window close(optional)
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